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Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear Boxer-friends
from around the world,
he world will be our guest in the Ruhr re-
gion! Under this motto, we, the regional
group Rhein-Ruhr of the Boxer-Klub e.V. Sitz
München are hosting this ATIBOX 2015
World show. We have focused our organizational
efforts around the words “guests” and “the world”.
Therefore, we sincerely hope that you feel comfortable
as our guests.
My dear Boxer-friends, everywhere from Australia to
Mexico, from South-Africa to Finland, I warmly wel-
come you to the Ruhr-Region, the cradle of German
industrial development.
It is our pleasure and honor to present the diversi-
ty of this region, which is dominated by industry and
mining. But this region is even more influenced by
the people who live here and their culture. Not just
a part, not a group of a regional group, but Boxer
friends from the vicinity of more than 200 kilo-
meters will attend to you, dear guests. Please, allow
me to thank all these volunteers for their commitment.
Since we originally decided to organize this event
on June, 27th 2014, more than 100 members from
different cities and BK groups have contributed
their time in order for us to be able to welcome you
To organize this event, to anticipate your wishes and
to incorporate them into our plans, was and continues
to be our challenge, which the entire regional-group
rises to with joy and enthusiasm. It‘s an honor to be
part of the entire Boxer world and to be the venue
for this show. This show is a portal into the breeding
history of other organizations, a peek into breeding
developments and an incentive for the further
development of our dogs. But this show is also an
opportunity to exchange information and experience
with other Boxer-lovers from around the world, the
like-minded, and interested breeders. I wish you and
me, that we, dear breeders, exhibitors and guests,
take the opportunity to share experiences of the diver-
sity of our breed during ATIBOX 2015.
Thank you for being our guests and I wish you interes-
ting and successful days here with us in the heart of
the Ruhr region.
Thus I remain with a warm miners greeting
“Glück auf”!
Stefan Michel
Local manager ATIBOX 2015
President of the regional group Rhein-Ruhr
Ed. Fitscher GmbH & Co.
Metall- und Eisengießerei
Gegründet 1900
Vorsprung durch Qualität
Gießerei für Kupfergusslegierungen
in Schleuder- und Strangguss
Ihr Spezialist für Schneckenräder –
GC-Best Patentinhaber
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