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When I received Judy Horton´s kind offer from
Australia to convert my pdf „CHANGING BOXER
WORLD“ into a webpage, I immediately realized
the worldwide possibility of spreading my livelong
efforts for the well-being of the Boxer. I felt very
grateful and immediately accepted the invitation.
The link to the webpages is:
... and was published on the Boxer Groups.
At the same time I decided to put the project on my
which Dunja Beurrier from
France once had designed beautifully in German and
English language. I had stopped publishing in 2004
after Boxer Klub Muenchen had offended by dischar-
ging me from judging as I reached the age of 70...
Now I´m very grateful to Dunja for adding an-
other important lecture „INTERPRETATION OF
THE STANDARD BY THE JUDGE“ already held in
the early 80ties by the well-known cynologist
Dr. Hans Räber from Switzerland at the Jahres-
sieger-Zuchtschau 1981 in Bremen with an internati-
onal audience from 15 different countries. As a spe-
cial refresher course for those who did not show any
interest nor respect towards our lecturer to attend at
that time.
I have spent far too many years to realize that most
of my endeavors were waste of energy and time.
I myself was to blame for my visionary ideas, I did
not want to change Boxer World, I worried for the
Karin Rezewski
Ein Leben für die Rasse
– my renovated website
Boxer Klub
Sitz München
Karin Rezewski
Time to say good-bye
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