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Ladies and Gentleman,
dear boxer friends,
would like to express to you my warmest
welcome to the ATIBOX World Boxer Champions-
hip 2015 on behalf of ATIBOX!
This year we have proudly gathered in lovely Gel-
senkirchen, in the land of boxer origin - Germany, not
only to enjoy the greatest
boxer show on our pla-
net, and to meet dear
boxer friends all over the
world, but also to parti-
cipate in a celebration of
a great jubilee of Boxer
Klub E.V. Sitz München.
Namely, this year Boxer
Klub E.V. Sitz München
celebrates a 120 years
of the Klub and boxer
story in the whole world!
Therefore, I would like
to cordially congratulate
the impressive birthday
of the BK E.V. Sitz Mün-
chen to the president
and all Committee mem-
bers, but also to all of the
numerous BK members,
who contributed intensi-
vely to the history of the
Club and to the history of
boxer itself!
I wish you all to continue to build the future boxer his-
tory in the next decades and centuries, successfully as
ever, together with the whole family of dedicated and
friendly boxer clubs, joined in ATIBOX!
In the true believe that ATIBOX World Boxer Show
2015 will be an impressive display of the magnificent
working efforts of the organizers and our hosts, Boxer
Klub E.V. Sitz München, but also all of the beauty of
joined working efforts in the continuous streaming to
achieve the ultimate breeders’ goal - the best boxer
possible, I would like to express my sincere and true
gratitude to the Boxer Klub E.V. Sitz München, guided
by Mr. Bernhard Knopek, the president, and his orga-
nizing team, lead by Mrs. Beate Spelsberg, for taking
over the great responsibility to prepare and organize
this outstanding World Show with a numerous boxers
present and for allowing us to share the utmost plea-
sure of observing the world’s best boxers in the next
two days.
I would also like to ex-
press my deepest and
sincere gratitude to all
of the you, ladies and
owners, exhibitors, and
visitors from all of the
ATIBOX member coun-
tries and all over the
world for the strong sup-
port, good will and trust
given to the ATIBOX for
more than six decades
and making with your
presence ATIBOX World
Boxer Championship the
ultimate and most spec-
tacular event in the boxer
On the other hand, to all
of the exhibitors I wish
a good luck and a lot of
success within the rings
and to the international judges’ team a good and ef-
fective work resulting in the victory of the best boxers!
I am sure that ATIBOX World Boxer Show 2015 in Gel-
senkirchen, Germany will be another great and glori-
ous success for our beloved breed - the boxer!
Happy first most successful 120 years to Boxer Klub
E.V. Sitz München - keep on a good track for the
numerous centuries more!
Prof. Dr. Milos A. Lucic
ATIBOX President
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