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30.–31. Mai 2015
Boxer Exhibition in Gelsenkirchen
Den Ausstellern aus dem In- und Ausland wünsche
ich viel Erfolg, angenehme Tage, interessante Eindrü-
cke und Gespräche auf der ATIBOX Weltausstellung
2015 in Gelsenkirchen.
Bernhard Knopek
1. Vorsitzender im
Boxer-Klub e. V., Sitz München
Welcome to
ATIBOX World Show 2015
in Gelsenkirchen
would like to welcome you to ATIBOX world show
on 30.-31. May 2015 in Gelsenkirchen. Here I would
like to thank ATIBOX for delegating the organisati-
on of this important event to the Boxer-Klub e.V.
(BK) this year. By the regional group “Rhein-Ruhr” of
BK we found a competent partner to organize this gre-
at event. Already now I would like to express my war-
mest gratitude for the whole team of Stefan Michel
and Beate Spelsberg. For many people it’s not imagi-
nable how much voluntary commitment is necessary
for organizing such an international event.
This ATIBOX world show coincides with the 120
years jubilee of BK München and we look back on
an eventful history of the Boxer, which had its origin
in Munich and found fans all over the world in the last
decades because of the Boxers special charisma and
its unique character.
We not only want to have a look back, but especially
we want to look into the future. As well as the pionee-
rs of the breed we have to face the challenge and the
task to promote Boxers breeding concerning exterior
and working qualities. The health of the breed is an
important aspect, as well as Boxers breeding with the
objective to comply the standard as far as possible wi-
thout exaggerations in any way. The healthy Boxer with
a functional build and the peculiar formative type of
the head of our breed has to be our objective. We live
in a Europe without almost any borders and so colla-
boration is more important than before. We still are
far away from international standards for health and
breeding in Boxers breeding. But only by international
and by one another accepted standards of conditions
for breeding we can abolish officialism and obstacles
for Boxers breeding. There always will be sceptics
and pessimists, which will maintain, that internatio-
nal standards can’t be realized. But thanks god, there
are also the idealists and optimists, which promote an
international collaboration.
I can’t wait to welcome Boxers friends from all over
the world in Gelsenkirchen and to celebrate 120
years BK-München together. But also we should use
the chance to lay the foundation for an ATIBOX, which
promote actively a structured international colabara-
tion and international defined standards.
Good luck for all exhibitors coming from Germany and
from abroad. Have nice days and interesting impressi-
ons as well as interesting discussions at ATIBOX world
show 2015 in Gelsenkirchen.
Bernhard Knopek
President of the
Boxer-Klub e. V., Sitz München
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